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The Replenish, Inc. MicroPump™ provides an innovative treatment method by precisely automating the delivery of drugs.

Product Description and Device Development

Replenish, Inc.™ has developed a small, refillable, implantable ocular drug pump. The MicroPump™ implant is a “smart device” that is programmable to dispense nanoliter-sized doses (a volume sensor gives closed-feedback) of drugs every hour, day or month as needed before refills. The tiny MicroPump™ can be ‘replenished’ using a disposable, proprietary 31-gauge needle tubing kit.

Some of the pump’s features include the following:

  •  One-way check valve (prevents backflow leakage)
  •  Fluidic flow sensor
  •  Bi-directional telemetry system for wireless programming and battery recharges
  •  Programmable state-of-the-art microcontroller with calendar to ‘wake up’ when it’s time for medication
  •  Optional cannula with pars plana clip directs medication in the same location as intravitreal injections