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Delivering Solutions

The Replenish, Inc. Ophthalmic MicroPump System™ is comprised of the following four sub-systems: Anterior MicroPump™ (for glaucoma patients), Posterior MicroPump™ (for retina patients), EyeLink™, and Drug Refill System™.  A disposable refill tubing kit is utilized during every drug refill.

Ophthalmic Micropump™ System

Anterior MicroPump™ (AMP)

Anterior Micropump

The AMP has a similar cannula system and insertion point to glaucoma drainage devices.

Posterior MicroPump™ (PMP)

Posterior Micropump

The PMP is similar to the AMP, except the drug delivery outlet is fitted with a PARS PLANA CLIP™ and has a larger reservoir volume.

Drug Refill System

The Drug Refill System is a separate console unit used to fill and refill the MicroPump™ implants with drug. A disposable refill tubing kit with 31-guage needle is used to fill and refill the implant.